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Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Fear has no power, especially if we don't give it time and energy.

Welcome to my new blog. I thought writing about the topic of fear would be best to start with, because the spirit of fear dominated a good portion of my life. Even starting the blog brought a bit of fear about possible judgment and what others would think. I say NO to fear, and you don’t have me and all of my potential. It’s my experience and story and I know others suffer with fear at times no matter what walk of life or experience. If I can encourage one person, I have done my job. Writing has always been therapeutic in a sense for me, and I found at times not only would I encourage myself but encourage others in the process. What we may think is not valuable in our lives or story, others my find encouragement, hope, joy, and the drive to keep moving forward.

We all have heard the statement that FEAR is false, evidence, appearing real. That is exactly what it is and on the other side of fear is exactly what we desire. Those are dreams, opportunities, open doors, and victories. No matter what challenges, mistakes, hurt, rejection or valleys we face and have faced, we all born for a purpose and with gifts. Those gifts are not meant for us to hold on to, but to bless others with. To be a light carrier for those who may be in the dark for whatever reason. I’m canceling CANCEL CULTURE; you cannot be canceled when you are FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY made by God.

I look forward to walking this fearless journey with you. We may press the pause button at times to RE-SET, but we will keep pursuing and accomplishing goals and moving to GREATER!!!

Some Tips to Overcoming Fear

  1. Read your desired book of faith on inspiration such as Bible, Torah, Quran and etc.

  2. Think about all the times you overcame fear or an obstacle, your overcoming speaks for itself. It can be done again.

  3. Prayer and meditation

  4. Accountability partner (Someone who is positive and speaks life to you, they know your value).

  5. Positive Daily Affirmations

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